Music Videos

In my own very special DIY way, from time to time, with very special artists, I will make the occasional music video. Below are a few featured examples from these experiments in movie making.

Fiona Silver "Smoking Gun"

Premiered in The Huffington Post and filmed in Joshua Tree, California, Fiona Silver's "Smoking Gun" tells the supernatural story of an ex lover you just can't wash clean of. 

Monika Ryan "Alive Tonight"

Filmed in less than two hours, this sultry jazz track features a pair of Argentine Tango dancers at a small steamy night club.

Call Security "Next Time"

Another compilation of footage as the band recorded at Eyeland Studios. The sweet nostalgic sentiment of the song echoed in the walls of the beautiful and strange studio.

Fiona Silver "Here Comes The Fall"

Premiered in Paste Magazine and inspired by Maya Deren's "Meshes of the Afternoon" Fiona Silver's "Here Comes The Fall" explores the seemingly endless cycle of falling in love for someone who is completely wrong for you, and yet you give your heart away anyway. 

Call Security "Sandcastles"

Call Security ventured to Eyeland Studios at Columbus Theater in Providence, RI to record this alternate version of their latest single "Sandcastles".