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Cortney Armitage

I color outside the lines and I like it. I developed my first roll of film when I was 14 years old at the School of Art and Design in Manhattan and photography has just followed me since.

I am currently a freelance photographer in the New York and Los Angeles areas shooting for numerous publications such as Paste Magazine , , LA Record , Relix Magazine, High Voltage , Lady Gunn and Tom Tom Magazine.

While I specialize in shooting musicians, dancers, and other dynamic live performers, I find all people endlessly fascinating and I can bring my individual style and rock and roll sensibility to your head shot, portrait, event, or wedding! If you hire me for your destination wedding, previous clients will tell you how far I will go to get your shot, even as far as taking pics while  snow boarding backwards down Mammoth Mountain with 40 lbs. of equipment on my back (true story). 

Please contact me if you are interesting in setting up a shoot or have any rate inquires!